Class Reviews

On-Line Class Review

Paul, I was amazed how easy it was to complete your Zoom class.

I have been an electrical contractor for over fourteen years now and your course is definitely the best online class, I have attended.
I appreciate getting my certification during the pandemic, and staying safe at home.

I would recommend the On-Line Class to anyone wanting to learn the NEC code.

   ~    Mason O'Connor

At-Home Class Review

Paul, what you have is a truly enlightening course on the NEC.

I learned to look very, very, closely at the code and what it says and to really read just what it is that the question asks. I have been an electrical contractor for over thirty four years now and your course is definitely one of the hardest I have ever taken, but also one of the best.
We used to have an electrical inspector by the name of Bob Jenkins when I first started out and he taught a course on the NEC using the same type format you do, passing out questionnaires and giving a set amount of time to answer, then going over the questions to see if anyone had found the answers.

That was where I first learned to read the Code book. I have taken many different courses on the Code over the years and I must say that I think you have one of the best, if not the best course on the NEC. I would definitely recommend your course to anyone wanting to learn the NEC and what it says. Great course and Thank You.

   ~ Sincerely,   Roy A. Schilling

In-Person Class Review

Dear Mr. Fussner:
My Son Owen and I attended your ten hour continuing education class on February 22, and we want to thank you for a day very well spent.

Everything you presented was of interest to us and helpful in our every day work. The morning's material on administrative matters reinforced a number of things we already knew and taught us some things we hadn't. It will prove helpful to us in "educating" our clients on the real process of official city approval of our work. The instruction on bonding was particularly interesting to us plumbers. A number of times we have taken apart water meter settings and gotten a tingle when seperating the piping - bad or no ground, unbalanced sides of a 220, sometimes even no neutral and no other ground bond to the panel - we'll be more vigilant from now on when working on cold water lines. Also, it doesn't hurt to stretch our exposure a little and reiterate our respect for the other guy's trade.

So, thanks again for a really good presentation, and for lunch and refreshments too!

~   John H. M. Jones, Jr.

In-Person Class Review

Paul, I wanted to thank you for the code review session I attended December 5, 2015 it was the best (and most informative) continuing education class I’ve ever attended.

Your explanation of the State of Ohio Board of Building Standards requirement for certificate of plan approval to be issued prior to the issuance of a permit was very informative.

I especially liked the code review you did with the class on the correct method for calculating voltage drop and derating for underground service feeders contained in a raceway, it helped me to better understand a job my company is currently working on.

   ~   Dale Lear